Comprehensive Eye Examinations

We know that your sight is vital and your eyes are irreplaceable and rest assured that you will undergo thorough ocular testing and comprehensive eye examinations at Hazel Family Eyecare.

Dr. Tara Fowler understands the importance of early detection and preventative care for eye diseases. Our comprehensive eye examinations include the determination of your visual status and a detailed look at the health of your eyes. Dr. Fowler is thoroughly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, infections, and ocular injuries.

Pediatric Comprehensive Eye Examinations - We would love to take care of your family’s eye care needs. We start children eye examinations at approximately 4 years of age.

Our comprehensive eye examinations include:

Detailed medical and ocular history which is essential to appropriate and personalized eye care

Refraction and Acuity testing to determine your new vision prescription for far and near distances

Color Vision testing

Visual Field screening

Pupillary and ocular motility testing to aid in screening for neurological and muscular conditions

Binocularity, accommodative, and computer vision syndrome evaluation to determine whether headache or eyestrain is a result of such conditions

Eye pressure measurement which is essential in the screening for glaucoma

Examination of the anterior part of the eye for signs of allergies, dry eyes, infections, and other eye disease

Dilation of the pupil for complete examination of the interior and posterior eye – Important for determination of eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and more

Digital high-definition retinal photography to screen for and monitor changes of your ocular health

Structuring treatment plans including writing medical prescriptions and referral and co-management of care for any conditions which may need them

Comprehensive eye examinations includes not only the determination of your visual status, but also a detailed look at the health of your eyes.

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