Cutting Edge Technology & Specialized Eye Testing

Hazel Family Eyecareprovides the best possible eye testing and care means staying current with cutting edge technology and specialized testing. You will notice that we implement the latest technological advancements at every stage of your visit.

Digital Refracting System- The Marco TRS 5100 generates extremely reliable and precise digital refractions efficiently.

Visual Field Anayzer-Humphrey Matrix Visual Field Analyzer allows us to precisely determine the range of peripheral vision and detect any optic nerve disease processes as early as possible.

Automated Refraction and Keratometer- The Topcon KR-8800 delivers precise, objective refraction data by utilizing exclusive rotary prism technology. This technology ensures we produce an accurate refraction and assists in difficult refractions including children.

Digital Visual Acuity- Computerized digital acuity screens offer defined, comfortable acuity and refractive measurements.

Digital High Resolution Automated Photography- The Marco AFC-330 is the latest advancement in retinal image technology. It allows us to capture a fast, detailed retinal image without dilation and an automated panorama view of the retina with dilation. Retinal photos are imperative for monitoring eye health and early detection of disease. The Marco AFC-330 also captures digital pictures of the anterior portion of the eye to aid in treatment of infections and degenerative conditions.

Digital optical and Frame Fit Measurements to ensure consistency and accuracy of measurements and prevent eyeglass fitting errors. M’eye Fit hybrid tablet PC as a measuring device that captures patient images and digitally measures pupillary centers, frame size, and angles to create custom lenses for your glasses. This technology is imperative when being fit in a premium digital progressive lens. M’eye fit also provides patient education on lens options and allows you to compare pictures of yourself wearing several frames to aid in your selection.

Corneal Topography - Provides a detailed topographical map of the cornea, assisting in contact lens fittings and ocular inflammation and infection induced treatments.

GDx Nerve Fiber Analyzer - The GDx is a tool that uses laser to determine the thickness of the nerve fiber layer. The GDx uses a type of scanning laser polarimeter to measure the thickness of the nerve fiber layer. The GDx maps the nerve fibers and compares them to a database of healthy, glaucoma-free patients. A thinning of the fibers indicates glaucoma. This information is important in helping Dr. Fowler determine the probability of glaucoma.

Electronic Health Care Records- We use as little paper as possible to minimize our environmental footprint and to be a more efficient and effective care givers. No more time spent looking for lost charts or confusing patient records.

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