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My family has had great experiences with Dr. Fowler and her team. In particular, when I had a medical emergency with my eye (Posterior Vitreous Detachment) over a holiday weekend and the office was closed, Dr. Fowler met me at her office and gave me great care. She reassured me that we could just “watch” my eye over the next few weeks and that no damage had been done to my eye. When the problem persisted, she sent me directly to a Georgia Retina doctor, to ensure that I was getting the care of a retina specialist. My eyes are fine now! I’m very grateful for Dr. Fowler’s commitment to her patients, including going the extra mile… with a smile!

Anne G., Patient

I had a great experience at Hazel Family Eyecare. I called for an annual contact exam and had no trouble getting an appointment. The office is bright and airy and the exam room appeared to have the latest equipment and technology. Dr. Ajodha was super professional and explained each step of the exam process. I can't ever recall an optometrist taking the time to do that in my past visits to other practices.

Cynthia N., Patient

Hazel Eye Care is the best in the area. Small family owned practice that is attentive and thorough. Dr. Fowler takes her time with each patient. The opticians sit down and will go through a million glasses options without being pushy and being very patient. Love this place!

Melissa R., Patient

Amazing service! I have been very pleased with my experience with Hazel Eye! The doctor is very kind and very patient. I highly recommend going if you want personal service and attention. I will definitely go back! I am private pay and her rates are very good!
Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Jenn B., Patient

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